how to play veiled experts on mac

How to play Veiled Experts on Mac

Veiled Experts is a multiplayer shooter game developed by NEXON Games. The main game mode is called Bomb Defusal; it focuses on teamwork and tactical gameplay. The players are split into two teams, attackers (who try to detonate a bomb) and defenders (who try to stop the attackers). Obviously, the defenders have an advantage; all they have to do is hold position. But this is precisely what makes this mode so good. If you are on the attack, you must think tactically, try to outmaneuver the defenders, to catch them off-guard; mindlessly rushing will simply get you killed. You should consider the unique abilities of your character, ways to reach your destination, and cover. You should coordinate with your teammates, come up with an actual plan and execute it. However, you cannot afford to think for too long either. The playable area is constantly shrinking, encouraging players to act and stay on their feet. After each match, the players change sides, so you will never be stuck always attacking or always defending. As you might know, this game does not have a Mac version; however, you may be able to play Veiled Experts on Mac anyway. Keep reading for more information.

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