play shenmue ii on mac

How to play Shenmue II on Mac

Shenmue II, much like the first game, is an action-adventure title developed by SEGA for its Sega Dreamcast console. Unlike its prequel, however, Shenmue II did not stay exclusive for long – in 2002, just a year after release, the game was ported to Xbox.
The game world in Shenmue II is just as detailed as before, and the game received several quality-of-life features to make realistic details more bearable. For example, the player no longer has to wait for a shop to open, as it is now possible to fast-forward time to a certain event. Another notable change is that the player now has to play minigames in order to earn money – in the first game, getting a job was simply a part of the story.
The story, unsurprisingly, picks up right where it left off. Ryo Hazuki, who discovered the identity of his father’s killer in the first game, follows his trail to Hong Kong. There, he tries to locate Yuanda Zhu, a mysterious martial artist who learned about the assassination before it happened and tried to warn Ryo’s father. In his search, Ryo eventually obtains some unlikely allies, who help him discover the truth.
Shenmue II, alongside the first game, was ported to Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in 2018. Though it did not receive a Mac port, it is nonetheless possible to play Shenmue II on Mac. We will explain the process in the article below.

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