how to play halls of torment on mac

How to play Halls of Torment on Mac

Halls of Torment is a roguelike bullet heaven game developed and published by Chasing Carrots, a German game studio. With a retro art style, top-down perspective, and a dark fantasy setting, Halls of Torment looks quite similar to older Diablo games – intentionally so. The goal of the game is simply to survive, though it can be beaten if you last long enough to face a boss. To dispatch massive hordes of enemies, you will be given many powerful items and abilities, though not all of them will be available to a novice player. The same goes for characters; there are seven character classes in the game, but only one is available from the beginning. To unlock more content, you will have to complete challenges, such as killing a certain amount of enemies or defeating a boss. Halls of Torment is available on Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. Mac, on the other hand, is not officially supported. Despite this, you can play Halls of Torment on Mac. Read the guide below to learn how to do so.

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