How to play Back 4 Blood on Mac

Back 4 Blood is a cooperative first-person shooter developed in the workshop of Left 4 Dead creators. Your goal will be to co-up with 3 other players and fight through tons of furious creatures. Just like you, they used to be regular humans before the virus got in their blood and caused a transformation into scary and devastating monsters. Now it is your time to survive and prevent contaminated creatures from eradicating the rest of humanity. The game requires its players to work in a team becoming one force to fight out the land of undying. Choose your character and find the necessary weapons to reach mission success. There is also Competitive mode, allowing the players to engage in PVP battles as a challenged survivor or deranged monster eager to crash anything located in front. Both sides will be given unique weapons as well as abilities to stand up against each other. So make sure you buckle up your dream team and descend into the land of blood and insanity driven by never-ending fights.

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