how to play elex ii on macos monterey

How to play ELEX II on macOS Monterey

Being a sequel to its first chapter, ELEX II is another instance of a vintage role-playing videogame developed by Piranha Bytes. With a vast open world to explore, players will delve into a journey across the post-apocalyptic world called Magalan – to protect the planet and ensure safety against dangerous forces of dark Elex that started invading. Playing for a character named Jax, you will have to embark on a mission and unite together with other planet inhabitants to fight off the common threat. The whole world is open to you with incredible freedom of exploration, interaction with unique NPCs, and close-ranged combats where the way the story unfolds depends directly on how you decide to shape it. Become part of a truly immersive and unforgettable experience with eye-satisfying graphics in ELEX II – and even on macOS with the help of our tutorial below!

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