How to play Myth of Empires on Mac

Myth of Empires is a historical survival simulator, multiplayer military sandbox. The game was developed by Angela Game and was released to Early Access on November 18, 2021. The plot of Myth of Empires is set in ancient Asia in the III century during the internecine wars. The scene of action is the Eastern Continent, which measures sixty-four square kilometers. To successfully complete, players need to team up – either with NPCs or with other players – forming factions, fighting for survival and domination, establishing their rule and leading armies in massive battles, besieging enemy cities, and ensuring the safety of empires. To achieve the set goals, you will also need to explore the land, extract and process various resources, build fortifications, and so on. The weak point of the game, users note the mechanics and spectacularity of the battles. The game is not officially available on Mac, but as before, we will tell you how to start and play Myth of Empires on Mac without any problems.

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